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About Us

We are a society at the University of Warwick and our aim is to support our members in creating games. Each year we introduce many new members to the exciting and creative world of game development. Some just come along to learn a specific skill, others have game ideas and some want to seek a career in the industry.

Learn the Skills

There are many skills involved in developing a game so we attract and cater for a diverse range of people. We have experienced C++ programmers there to help anyone interested in programming. We have knowledge of tools for creating 2D and 3D artwork or animations. Anyone with an imagination can come up with a game but to refine this into something real and fun requires experience that we hope to share.

An Exciting Industry

A career in the games industry can be exciting and stimulating. You are surrounded by very talented creative people and it stretches your abilities to the max. We have connections with several local game developers who give talks, demonstrations and career advice to our members. Past experience has shown that being an active member of our society does help get you into the industry.

Create your World

Every year we try to form small project teams to work on particular games. Get involved and join a team, it's a great way to learn and at the same time have fun. There are also several competitions throughout the year where we work in teams to create a game in 48 hours. These are sponsored and judged by local game developers although it's really great fun just to take part.