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We will be running very few events over the summer term. However the Weekly workshops will run every Wednesday from 2-6pm as usual. We will be going straight to the pub on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Best of luck with exams!

Global Game Jam

WHEN: Friday 20th Jan, 17:00 - Sunday 22nd Jan, 17:00
WHERE: LIB2, Warwick University Campus Interactive campus map

If you are coming along, please make sure you are signed up on our Jam site! You can do it on the day but it's much easier for us to plan if we have rough numbers in advance. If you are not signed up then you won't be able to submit your game. GGJ's rules, not ours!

Computers: Sadly we can't provide computers so if you are planning on working in the GGJ room you will need to bring a laptop. We are able to provide power and Wi-Fi. If you don't have a laptop then try asking other attendees on the Facebook and someone may be able to help you out.

Arrival: Our site will be open for an extra hour either side of the main event, so you can set up at any time from 4pm on Friday. This is also a good chance to say hello to everyone! There will likely be time for an optional, informal showcase in the hour after the end of the Jam to show off all the good stuff we've made.

Parking: There are several pay-and-display car parks on campus. Charges only apply on weekdays until 18:00 so if arriving after about 4pm you should only need to pay the "Up to 4 hours" fee of ~£1.50. Car Park 7 is recommended as one of the closest to LIB2. More information about parking on campus.

Food arrangements: The Rootes Grocery Store is about 200m from LIB2, and a large 24-hour Tesco is about 10 minutes' walk away. At some time on Saturday evening we are going to be ordering Dominos pizza on the Society budget which is for anyone who wants it! There will also be fruit, snack foods, and drinks provided. There is a cafe directly outside the room which serves meals, as well as vending machines for cans and snacks. You are of course welcome to bring your own food.

Wi-Fi: The Warwick Guest Wi-Fi service is available for short-term visitors to the University, free of charge. This page gives detailed information on setup steps. On-duty exec will be happy to help you connect!

Room regulations: Due to University regulations we are unable to accommodate anyone sleeping in the room overnight. Additionally no alcohol is to be consumed in University booked rooms. However, The room is availble 24 hours so you can come and go as you please. It's possible that the outside door will be card-access only. If you can't get in for whatever reason then please call the on-duty exec.

Exec: There will always be at least one member of the Exec on duty and in the room for the full duration. It is usual to leave laptops/equipment in the room overnight (though of course at your own risk). For more details about who is on duty, please see here.

Attendance: Global Game Jam is designed around the idea if collaborating and working together in the same place. As such there is an expectation that if you are taking part then you are physically at the site. However, it is at our discretion as to whether to allow remote submissions. As a rule of thumb we expect submitting groups to be at the site for at least Saturday or Sunday. If that is a problem for you please let us know!

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